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Appcino CRM Marketing2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

Appcino CRM Marketing aims to help organizations to market better and engage with more customers through various marketing activities like campaigns and social media interactions while automating tasks, lead generation and assigning scores to business contacts on basis of their interaction with organization on social media or marketing campaigns.


Using Appcino CRM Marketing, organizations can send the right information to the right audience via right channel. The application offers email campaign functionality to the organizations which allows them to schedule and send email campaigns, associate target audiences with each campaign, a 360-degree view of the campaign's performance, creating opportunities, creating and managing tasks and events to follow-up, and much more, taking the customer interaction process to another level.
Organization can utilize detailed campaign analytics like total mails sent, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, forwards, abuse reports etc, to reach-out the relevant and interested customers easily, or improve their future campaign’s success rates.

List Segmentation

Organizations can create multiple contact segments or lists and associate them with relevant Campaigns keeping them engaged with their brands over long term. Appcino CRM Marketing allows marketing and sales teams to collaborate and work together efficiently to gain more leads, nurture them effectively and increase the lead to customer ratio in the organization. It allows organizations to segment leads or contacts on different parameters like name, region, created by and stages etc.
Users can create and select regions on Appcino OSM Maps and perform custom actions to extract the contacts falling under it and add in a list. Organizations can segment business contacts on basis of interests, basis of geography to efficiently manage them and effectively market.

Content Studio

Organizations can manage all the personalized content at one place create their own Content Studio in Appcino CRM Marketing, where they can create and store email templates, product collaterals, documents, etc. Content in the content studio can be managed efficiently by creating and segregating content in different categories.
Using Appcino Content Builder, organizations can build visually appealing, professional and personalized emails, newsletters, collaterals etc. with no programming experience. It is as easy as drag-drop to create personalized content, add images in content, export documents in pdf or doc files, and copy paste existing HTML into the editor on Appian platform.

Intelligent Automation

Organizations can automate tasks with Appcino CRM Marketing so that their team spends less time on data entry and more time selling and scaling the organization. It comes with an intelligent automation tool that can be used to create new leads, tasks or auto responders to incoming communication or interactions with the contacts.
Organizations can configure rules for such actions in the application, and using Amazon’s comprehend to understand the information, this tool checks the defined rules to further trigger actions in Appian. Intelligent automation engine runs on incoming Emails, social media feeds and the responses on Campaigns to assign score and then automatically trigger actions to create lead or opportunity in the application.

Social Media Management

Enabling organizations to reach audience where they spend the most time, Appcino CRM Marketing helps them monitor their social media pages and accounts, track feeds and activities on them, interact with audience, post new messages on various social media channels from one single dashboard.
This enables organizations to practice social media networking and engage with millions of potential audience around the globe by integrating with popular social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, leveraging their powerful analytics and pulling all the feeds from organization social media pages and accounts on to a single dashboard and help gain insights about influencers through social listening right from Appian.