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Appcino Knowledge Base Application2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

Digital centralized repository of knowledge contained across multiple subjects stored in an easily accessible way. Appcino’s well structured modern Knowledge Base Application will have an immediate impact on the productivity of business users.


Appcino’s Knowledge & Learning Management (KNOW) application act as a digital knowledge repository for corporate knowledge items. From software applications to departmental policies and procedures, to professional development modules, the app provides a single location to collect, contribute and share essential knowledge content.
The app creates an agile learning platform that enables users to classify knowledge items by organizational groupings while simultaneously keeping everyone updated on the latest organization. The smart search based on Microsoft QnAMaker allows users to find the right content.

Knowledge Dashboard

360-degree view of knowledge items.

  • Knowledgebase dashboard gives a complete view of the knowledge accessible to the user.

  • The user can browse specific subjects to find relevant information.

  • The users can apply filters to cut down the results

  • NLP based search to intelligently look for what you are trying to find.

  • Widget to display the recently added knowledge items

Knowledge Base Widget

Smart help on every interface!

  • Connect your help link directly with knowledge base widget for the user’s to find the help on the topic

  • Cut down the time to train and add help to new additions to improve the usability of your application

  • Search for solutions, FAQs, and articles in the knowledge base widget

  • NLP based search powered by Microsoft QnAMaker to give intelligent answers

Knowledge Articles

Information View & Knowledge Composer

  • Each knowledge item –article, FAQ/ Q & A or Solution is displayed on knowledge base dashboard

  • From an article, there can be multiple connected Q & A’s

  • Knowledge article view displays the knowledge and the associated questions & answers

  • Knowledge editor supports single or multiple column articles

  • Knowledge editor supports rich text, images, videos and links to another article.

  • Users can review and feedback for each knowledge item.

NLP Based Search

Smart search to find the right answers!

  • Knowledge items when created are sent to QnAmaker where they are index and stored.

  • From an article, there can be multiple connected Q & A’s

  • The searches in the knowledge base are done using QnA maker API and the relevant results are displayed to the users.

  • Knowledge base search is powered by Microsoft QnAmaker. The NLP capabilities of QnAmaker helps user’s to find the answer’s to their question without them worrying about typing the exact phrases to find the answer.

  • The results to the user’s questions are displayed in the descending order of match. The best matching ones are displayed at this top.

My Knowledge Dashboard

A single view of your knowledge!

  • Each knowledge item has a workflow, as they can be in a draft state, pending approval state, expired state or a published state.

  • See the knowledge base items created by you or approval pending in a single view.

  • Review an publish the articles, single-click publishing of the article

  • See your knowledge items grouped by subjects.

  • Get a view of your knowledge items expiry and take appropriate actions.

  • See the analytics of how your knowledge is used by other user’s.

Knowledge Item Workflow

Status of each knowledge items

  • Each knowledge item has a workflow, as they can be in a draft state, pending approval state, expired state or a published state.

  • The access rights of the knowledge base are divided into three categories based on the subjects, viewers –with the permission to see the knowledge base items, editor – permission to edit and approve, administrator –they are one level above editor as they have right an additional right to create subjects.

  • As an editor of a subject, from the knowledge manager view, I have a single view of different articles which are part of the subject and in which state.