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January 20, 2019

Appcino’s Appian Best Practices Audit Framework

Appcino’s Appian COE has developed a framework to automatically scan your Appian implementations against best practices. It automatically reviews all artifacts of your implementations against defined best practices and generating an excel report to clearly state what’s followed Vs. what’s not – is what this utility does.

When we say Best Practices we refer

    • All Best Practices laid down by Appian.
    • Best Practices Appcino’s Appian COE has learned and developed with experience over time.

Not following best practices has quite a few direct impacts on functional and non-functional aspects, i.e.

    • Application scalability, maintainability, testability, and usability
    • Memory footprints on server
    • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Number of bugs post-deployment

So it is always advisable to identify all such areas in the development phase itself.


    • Scans entire application package to check all the areas where Appian Best Practices have not been properly followed.
    • Produces results with detailed analysis very quickly in Excel spreadsheet format.
    • Excel spreadsheet generated has detailed information specifying clearly the Artifact Category, Artifact name, its UUID, and the best practice(s) which have been violated along with its level of importance/priority.
    • Reduces significantly the overhead of manual efforts to check all the areas of the applications where the best practices have not been incorporated as the solution we have is completely automated and needs no human intervention.

Following are the headers information that is generated once your application is scanned –

Artifact Category Rule/Constant/Process Model etc
Artifact Name Name of the Artifact
UUID Artifact UUID
Priority Low / Medium / High
Best Practice Violated Detailed Best Practice description that has not been followed.

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