Appcino_admin May 06, 2021

Appian Advance Chart Creator : Charts from Appian processes

What is process mining & why it is important?

Organizations struggle to visualize how their different business processes are performing. Are they able to achieve high ROI in business with all of their resources investments on those processes?
This seems to be quite a pervasive question, but yet is rarely answered accurately. Organizations, therefore, need a natural but accurate way of continuously monitoring their processes, thereby making a direct contribution towards cost reduction, performance management and business analytics.

What if process mining is absent?

Most of the business stakeholders or in IT are not aware of the actual “as-is” business processes, deviations from target processes, bottlenecks & resources-cost drivers, which eventually causes any projects to fail in the organization.

Appcino’s Business Process Mining on Appian Value Proposition

Appcino’s Business Process Mining Application built on the Appian platform can sit on top of any of your existing or future applications on Appian.
Using the numerous data points generated by applications actions, our process mining engine uncovers the bottlenecks and deviations within the operational processes and provides the information needed to make the required operational changes.
The application automatically creates the highly visual process flow diagram, which is easy to read for any non-IT user for performing any process improvements.

A closer look at how Appcino Process Mining brings high impacts

Let’s assume there is a business process that is optimized from a business owner’s point of view, but does an optimized process bring improvements for the company or the customers, is it completed within the deadline, is it helping the organization in saving cost?
The decisive questions are answered using powerful KPIs & analytics offered by our Business Process Mining application.
Below is an easy-to-understand example, illustrating if process mining is applied correctly, how much impact it can bring for the organization as well as customer experience.

With decade long experience working on complex business processes across verticals & on Appian – we offer organizations to support their evaluation of the existing business processes & how our process mining can be applied in their use case quickly.