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Appcino CRM CPQ

With Appcino CRM CPQ, enables companies to exceed expectations while efficiently selling and processing proposals for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Organizations are enabled to simplify and optimize the configuration of the products, prices, discounts, creation of proposals and corresponding approval cycles.

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Appcino's CRM CPQ enables organizations to configure, automate & standardize quote generation process. It increases the speed and accuracy in generating quotes while maintaining price integrity across the organization. Sales rep can create standard email, generate quote documents using quote template, and send it to the contact associated with the opportunity.

They even create multiple versions of the quote as per need and customer feedbacks. An overview of all the quotes created in the application is available in the Proposals tab. All in all, Appcino CRM CPQ makes it easy and quick for the Sales team to share with customers the prices of the products and services that an organization offers.

Complex Product Configurations

Appcino CRM CPQ enables the sales team to configure their products and service offerings with great efficiency and generate professional & convincing proposals using them. The application also enables organization to achieve Price, Discount, Quantity and Margin control. They can create standalone products or product bundles by defining product attributes, features and options.

Features are the categories for the bundle, and options are the components of the bundle. Options could be made an integral part of bundle, accessories or even other related products and enables the sales team to cross sell and upsell. Products can be categorized using product family making it easy to manage.

Pricebooks, Approvals, T&C

Organizations can define multiple price books and assign to their products and services. Price Books help maintain the integrity and easy management of different prices specific to different regions or other factors. Using Appcino CRM CPQ, organizations can configure multiple approval levels based on various parameters like Deal Size, Gross Margins, Overall Discounts, etc., which are triggered automatically whenever a relevant proposal is configured.

This makes the quote generation process smoother and faster with full transparency and control. Ones a quote is approved, sales rep can generate the quote document and all the applicable terms and conditions will be added in the quote at run time. These terms and conditions are configurable in the application and will be applied to all the new proposals.