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CRM Sales 360°

Generating Leads to winning contracts - Quickly, Intelligently and Effectively

Streamline & Automate Sales Process! Increasing revenue growth, depicting & generating real value for your customers.

Overview of CRM Sales

Appcino CRM Sales 360 is an award-winning solution designed to simplify, automate and expedite an organization's sales processes. Appcino's CRM Sales, a part of Appcino's CRM Suite enables organizations to intelligently manage the entire sales cycle from generating leads to winning opportunities all from one unified actionable dashboard.

It’s a feature-rich solution that enables organizations to configure everything needed for to tailor the sales process according to the specifics of the business (from org hierarchy, sales stages, AI business rules to auto analyze incoming communications, sales targets, entire CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) including guided selling.

Powerful configurations leading to effective business contacts and opportunity management, sharing tailored quotes automatically exactly according to customer needs with guided selling to upsell - generating more revenue and exceeding value expectations for your customers.

A 360 view of all sales activities, performance, target achievements, pipeline, forecast leading to effective decision making.

How Appcino's CRM Sales Impacts

Increases transparency and boosts sales productivity by providing a 360-degree view with everything needed for top management to the sales team.

Improve business relationships by AI driven sentiment analysis of every communication and automatically taking the next relevant action. Do not miss any important dates with a consolidated calendar view of all sales activities.

No Leads leakage Every lead is taken care of from every source with the right next step.

Improve win rate by systematically learning from previous similar opportunities and making sure to not avoid similar mistakes however repeating similar things that lead to success earlier. At the same do not underestimate the strengths of competitors and for sure track their weakness.

Reduce Sales cycle time by auto generating customer quotes, follow ups,

Increase revenue by Guided selling - Power product configurations allow you to bundle various products and associate them with various pricebooks. Allow sales agents to quickly upsell through pre-configured bundles.

Key Features

  • Business Contacts Management: Appcino CRM Sales revolutionizes the way organizations manage their business contacts. Every interaction with the contact is tracked and updated in real-time. Also, the intelligent and friendly bot is always there with AI-based suggestions to gain more leads, nurture them effectively, increase the lead to customer ratio and close more sales opportunities, enabling organizations to achieve higher.
  • Opportunities Management:A bird's eye view of the sales opportunity pipeline coupled with a detailed view of each opportunity can greatly help organizations to take relevant actions and collaborate with dedicated teams to close them faster. Sales reps can add the competitors’ details in the opportunity to better define the strategy. Sales reps can also gain insights from the Intelligent Learning tool that checks for similar opportunities and lists the key reasons for losing or winning it. This helps improve sales success rates.
  • Quote Management: Helps organizations standardize their quote generation process by configuring all aspects of complex product parameters, pricing, discounts, approvals, document generation, terms and conditions. It increases speed, accuracy and maintains price integrity across the organization. With cross sell/up-sell capabilities and reduction in sales cycle times, it helps organizations to increase revenue. Generate an accurate quote quickly with always up to date pricing, trigger automatic approvals, create quote documents and send to your customers from any device!

  • Sales Funnel & Analytics: Appcino CRM Sales provides data-driven intelligent analysis and reporting with a real-time image of the business to help the sales team identify latent opportunities that exist within the customer database. Performance reports can greatly help sales teams in setting goals and evaluate their performance with all the necessary information. Sales reps now have the power to boost motivation and stay on top of all planned tasks, and goals.
  • Schedule Tasks & Events: Using Appcino CRM Sales, organizations will never again have to miss any task, event or appointment. Simply create and schedule required tasks – which will be visible on the contact or opportunity dashboard – assign to dedicated sales reps or teams and keep the sales processes organized. Sales reps can add and pin important notes to a contact or opportunity when new developments occur or communicate via emails with attachments from one single page, which also helps keep the entire sales team updated as the application keeps all the activity information for a business contact or opportunity in one central place i.e., Activity History.
  • Powerful Configurations - Configuration on Finger Tips
    • Set up an organization hierarchy, departments, and user roles, ultimately governing access across the application.
    • Configuring your sales cycle by setting up opportunity stages and probability percentage to forecast revenue.
    • Analyze incoming communication using AI (powered by Amazon) and configure the next automated actions to enable hyper-automation.
    • Configure sales targets for each of your sales workforce.
    • Configure terms and conditions, product and services, pricing, gross margins, deal templates to share quotes with customers at lightning speed.