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Customer Onboarding

Complete onboarding case management, with configurable onboarding journey for different legal entities & products

All-in-one app to manage an end-to-end onboarding case management for any legal entities across multiple products, with configurable onboarding workflow and rich risk score evaluation capabilities.

Overview of Customer Onboarding

Keeping a customer happy is the key to customer journey success for any business, and onboarding is the first and crucial step of the customer journey. When it comes to banking and finance, there are complex onboarding workflows & formalities such as tedious document collection, customer data enrichment & more. That's where a need for a solution that simplifies this process arises and helps organizations to create a seamless experience for customers right from the beginning.

Appcino's Customer Onboarding Application manages an end-to-end onboarding case management for any legal entities across multiple products, with configurable onboarding workflow and rich risk score evaluation capabilities.

Targeted Market Challenges

  • Bulk documentation -There is a lot of documentation involved in the customer onboarding process, and verifying things like identity proofs is a cumbersome task. High manual steps result in incorrect verification of documents or missing critical ones even after a customer is onboarded.
  • Onboarding Process Management - With varieties of legal entities in nature, and multiple products and services compliance, banking organizations need to have a different onboarding experience, which becomes too difficult to manage if there is not an easy way of modifying the onboarding journey.
  • Hard Data Enrichment - A lot of information asked from the customer as part of the onboarding journey sometimes is already available publicly, but they still have to provide it makes it a sore experience for customers.
  • EDD/ KYC -Compliance and KYC teams need to focus their time on cases that don't need any EDD or KYC on them for legal entities during onboarding, making the process inefficient.

Key Features

  • An interactive view of the onboarding case - An interactive dashboard of customer onboarding case displaying all the information captured at various phases and evaluated risk profile and process tracking for the customer.
  • Customer Journey Configuration - Configure phase steps, questionnaires, workflows for different legal entities & products as required, including any automation rules, required document configurations, escalation management, and dynamic assignments.
  • Create/Manage Onboarding Questionnaires - Use or change pre-configured and pre-on-boarding questionnaires or create your own for KYC or other custom purpose and expose it at any stage of the onboarding workflow.
  • Intelligent Automation - Assign onboarding case to the right user based on complexity, risk score, or any other custom configurable rules.
  • Smart Customer Enrichment - Automatically capture publicly available information of the customer and automatic detection of any discrepancies between information obtained against any legal type vs. captured in the system.
  • Dynamic risk score calculation - Define the different risk score conditions on different sections of data capture along with questionnaires to calculate the risk scores across different products & services for onboarding cases.
  • Integration with Salesforce - Automatically kick off onboarding cases from Salesforce once opportunity in Salesforce is closed and won with the required info needed to start onboarding case in Appian automatically passed in from Salesforce.

Appcino's Customer Onboarding Impacts

  • Faster Onboarding Time - Expedite the onboarding time for legal entities across products & services, thereby improving customer experience.
  • Reduced Operational Cost - With more manual tasks being done in automated steps, it reduces the manual steps and costs incurred on each onboarding case, thereby reducing operational costs significantly.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - With easy to modify the onboarding journey for different products, the IT support is to be less involved, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Rich Customer Experience - Customers only need to provide the information not available within the organization or publically, with faster onboarding experience results in happier & loyal customers.