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Customer Service 360°

Making Customers Happy! Connecting with customers how they want and how they need.

Single source of truth for any of your customers for your customer reps to allow them to see 360 view of a customer with the capability to log and fast customer claims faster than ever before!

Overview of Customer Service 360°

The race to own customer experience is on! Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering a user experience that makes them stand out from their competition.

If there is one distinction to be made between companies who have loyal customers and those who struggle to retain customers, it would be the speed of customer service. Today’s customers don’t just expect excellent services, but they demand it. To offer such a user experience, one needs a modern consolidated platform to manage and solve all the customer queries at one place.

Customer Service 360 is one such platform which provides omnichannel support for customer queries from different channels like email, website, twitter, facebook, and phone calls.

The app is missioned to have the majority of cases resolved automatically with zero agent interaction, 30% of cases through faster solutions recommendations by the system, and thus letting agents working on more complex problems.

The app continuously learns and improve itself to serve more using AI driven Insights and automate resolutions, thereby freeing up agents for high-value interactions.

Targeted Market Challenges

Agents do not have complete visibility into information about entitlement, service level agreements, and customer satisfaction scores.

Frustrated customers found existing channels to register their complaints and queries non-intuitive and complex resulting with a lot of negative feedback customer reviews on the company website.

Existing channels were time-consuming & costly as well as difficult to navigate & utilize as they lacked context about customer problems.

Risk of broken communication due to multiple channels of customer communication on a single case.

Customer agents had to navigate to multiple central systems to retrieve customer data to reply back to the customer to, prolonging the customer handling time as well as customer waiting time and thus poorly affecting customer experience.

Manual documentation of customer communications, emails, lack of customer consolidated view thereby creating a broken and disconnected view of a customer and its historical problems.

Lack of auto-decisioning, auto-replies and auto-assignment thereby each case assigned to every case agent and they had to filter and re-assign cases to the right case agent based on the best expertise.

How Appcino's Customer Service 360° Impacts

Improved Customer Experience - Customers can reach via multiple channels like website, mail and whatsapp , i.e easily accessible by Customers Hence improved customer experience, and remain competitive in the market.

Reduced Time & Cost - With connected claims operations, customer service reps have single view of all customer touchpoints, Also Customer reps are armed with the knowledge base on each case record to allow them to look for right info at first place! Hence saves a lot of cost and time.

Personalised claim adjuster dashboard to enable them to get on the claims immediately as they are assigned, resulting in faster turnaround time & increasing customer experience.

Key Features

  • Omnichannel Customer Service - Enables customer to reach out through website, email, WhatsApp!
  • Scalable across any business vertical - Fully configurable for any business vertical involved in customer service Insurance, healthcare, banking & financial services, transportation, counseling & career matching services.
  • Self Service Configurations - Offers a dedicated self-service configurations portal offering authorized users capability to configure different actions as and how they need to let their customer agents teamwork the way they want!
  • System Recommended Actions - Configure the system recommended actions such as reading from any records, updating records, sending any communication via email, social, SMS, etc.
  • Knowledge Base Integration - Customer reps are armed with the knowledge base on each case record to allow them to look for right info at first place! Agents can see how knowledge and solutions are being used, curate content based on usefulness and ratings, and create new content in service of trending issues.
  • Integration with any legacy system - Fully integrated with any of your existing CRM or legacy system to have one centralized view and unified modern solution to manage your all Accounts, Contacts & entire Customer Service.
  • Smart Actions - This powerful feature guides agents with the best possible actions (smart actions) suggested based on the customer problem dynamically having higher chances of getting them executed by agents.