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Enhanced Due Diligence & KYC

Real-time & risk-driven enhanced due-diligence/ KYC, with increasing operational efficiencies & redefining business relationship approach.

Appcino's Enhanced Due Diligence & Smart KYC application uses a unique real-time & risk-driven approach to enable an organization to stay on the top of the compliances & customer required checks, through key customer information captured.

Overview of Enhanced Due Diligence & KYC

Enhanced due diligence (EDD) is a KYC process that provides a greater level of scrutiny of different legal entities and highlights risks that cannot be detected by customer due diligence. EDD goes beyond CDD and looks to establish a higher level of identity assurance by obtaining the legal entities (customers) identity and address and evaluating the risk category of the customer.

Having a robust, central automated & dynamic risk-based solution engine at the core of the entire process of a lifetime due-diligence will not only reduce the risk to perform the risk-based assessment but will also maximize efficiencies-all throughout the entire due diligence process of the company.

Targeted Market Challenges

  • Manual Risk Spreadsheets -The most common is the excel sheet with never-ending rules, calculations, figures, and weighting on all aspects of risk. Excel sheets are a manual process that requires a lot of human effort to input and maintain for each legal entity and that too for multiple products.
  • Know My Customer Syndrome - Another pervasive approach to risk is the "I know all my customers" syndrome, which results in living in "false-assumptions," ultimately exposing the organization to high-risk.
  • Disconnected System - Customer data sits in multiple core banking systems, which orchestrates with different business apps in various ways, thereby resulting in various snapshots of information for the same customer, causing it hard for organizations to calculate risk exposure.
  • No Proactive Alerting -Banks often struggle with a lot of manual human intervention to check if there are any actions or transactions on the legal entity which requires re-KYC or any other compliance checks, thereby increasing the risk exposure severely.

Key Features

  • Automated & Focussed Alerts Generation - The application notifies & generates alerts for you based on your alerts configuration to make you aware instantaneously that there is an event that needs immediate attention. Specific risk level reached, document expiry, critical field value updated & more!
  • Real-Time Risk Score Calculation - Real-time risk score assigned to legal entities uses the automated risk-based approach & eliminates the time wasted in scanning the application looking for which events caused this score.
  • Define Alerts & Workflow Automation - Configure alerts for actions you want the system to notify you, and set the configurations in a way that allows the system to auto-create the new KYC cases automatically and have it assigned to the right user/ team.
  • Automatic Periodic KYC - Want to have an automated KYC initiated for any legal entity based on a specific schedule? Configure the plan based on when you would like to auto-initiate the KYC, and users get the KYC case in their queue to action when it's the time!
  • Self-Service KYC Questionnaires - Giving the power of creating KYC & other related questionnaires directly in the hands of compliance users, letting them specify which they think are essential data to capture, with the flexibility to update these questionnaires on-demand.

Appcino's Enhanced Due Diligence & KYC Impacts

  • Reduced Risk Exposure - Provides a real-time perception of risk on all subjects resulting in reduced risk exposure.
  • Faster KYC Processes - With automatic alerts, automated KYC case creation & through intelligent automation, KYC cases are completed faster.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - With easy to modify the alerts and KYC cases workflows for different products, the IT support is to be less involved, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Rich Customer Experience - Customers only need to provide the information not available within the organization or publically, or the ones which are to be required as per compliance for KYC, resulting in happier & satisfied customers.