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Field Survey & Inspections

End-to-end field inspections powered by intelligent scheduling with a dedicated mobile app for inspectors!

An end-to-end field inspections/surveys powered by intelligent scheduling to allow back operations team to assign & track all surveys/inspections. It comes with a dedicated mobile app for field surveyors 100% built on Appian.

Overview of Field Survey & Inspections

The field inspection and surveys are conducted by the insurance companies to ascertain their risks before insuring and are also required during the claim settlement when the insurance companies would like the field inspector to understand the loss. During the field inspection task, it's useful for the insurance companies to provide the investigator with a dedicated mobile app to capture the photographs and performs the other required checks. Therefore, their activities are in sync with the case, and the back office team gets to see the status of inspection transparently.

Claims FNoL is one of the many applications offered as part of Appcino's Connected Claims Insurance Suite. Each of the provided applications can be deployed independently or in combination with other applications as per the requirements & use cases. This application follows standard insurance practices and is easy to integrate with any Appian application OR external existing claims systems.

Targeted Market Challenges

  • External agency dependence - Insurance companies often need to rely on external insurance agencies managed by in-house quality controls, thus creating a significant communication gap between insurance companies & external agencies.
  • Disconnected & separate systems put the information captured as part of intake & settlement in a separate application, and inspection as a separate application, reducing the overall visibility.
  • Improper case assignment - Inspections are many times assigned to inspectors who either don't have the right skills to work on, or doesn't consider the location of the inspector, was the feedback of the inspector from the same customer right. Therefore, it not just delays or puts the risk of inspection to high, but severely impacts your customer experience!
  • Different HRMS systems - create issues over having visibility of any planned or unplanned leaves, leaving already scheduled inspections at risks, thus profoundly impacting the customer experience.
  • Broken communication between back-office inspections operations team & on-site inspectors having inspectors getting surprising information when they first arrive on-site!

Key Features

  • End-to-End Field Inspections Case Management - Creating inspections, to creating & tracking work orders
  • Inspection Manager View - Track your inspection teams queue, their calendar, collaborate with them - all in one view!
  • Dedicated Mobile App for Field Agents - App offers dedicated mobile app 100% built on Appian for mobile experience for field agents for performing on-site surveys efficiently.
  • Intelligent Scheduling - Intelligent Scheduling of work orders to appropriate inspectors based on skills, location, preferred agent, work order type & more.
  • Key Actionable Insights for Claim Adjuster - 100% visibility & transparency for claim adjuster & associated stakeholders on the progress of each inspection.

Appcino's Connected Claims Insurance Suite

Appcino's Connected Claims Operation Suite of apps offers a complete claims management solution built on Appian. The multiple applications part of this suite includes FNoL intake, adjudication & settlement (multiple LoBs), fraud case management (integration with existing specialized fraud systems), field inspection management, subrogation, litigation case management, and claim finances management (reserves, payment, recoveries). It also comes with multi-channel customer service and process mining apps helping insurers to monitor and improve their claims processes continuously.