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Claims First Notification of Loss (FNoL)

Facilitate submission of claims efficiently & intelligently enabling better customer experience & less operational cost.

Efficient claim intake channels with capabilities to register the claim from Email, Phone, Website, Chatbots (WhatsApp, Dialogflow) & Self-service. Configure FNoL for any insurance LoBs (P&C, Worker Compensation, CPI & more!) and validate them through self-configurable custom validation rules.

Overview of FNoL

The first notice of loss (FNOL) is the initial report made by a policyholder to the insurance provider to report a claim.

Usually, the FNOL requires the insured to provide the loss details and other details of the loss event. The quality of data captured during this phase is crucial for automation & decision making during the settlement phase. The Adjusters, along with the data received from this step, can enrich the loss details with alternative sources, requesting more information from the policyholder and initiating a loss event inspection.

Claims FNoL is one of the many applications offered as part of Appcino's connected claims insurance suite. Each of the provided applications can be deployed independently or in combination with other applications as per the requirements & use cases. This application follows standard insurance practices and is easy to integrate with any Appian application OR external existing claims systems.

Targeted Market Challenges

  • Insurers working across multiple lines of business such as motor, property, marine, etc. - have to keep updating their claim intake data points/forms based on changing regulatory requirements and other needs that are specific to different claim types.
  • High efforts and revenue are spent for transforming or putting the claim information coming from different channels into the FNOL system.
  • Many times, it is a very time-consuming task demanding high manual intervention. It does not just increase the time for claim settlement but also results in errors capturing information because of multiple manual steps.
  • Many Insurers don't yet have the capability in their FNOL systems to upload claims in bulk without worrying over the upload data structure.
  • Since every claim type might need different information - it gets hard to realize the full value of upload, especially when there are claims reported in catastrophic situations.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Claim Intake
    • Self Service 24x7 Available Whatsapp/ Chatbot Claim Intake, guiding customers with the step-by-step process of reporting a new claim.
    • Easy integration with existing intake channels like a website or other sources
    • Bulk Claims Import
    • Multiple LOB's
  • Configurable, scripted and rules-driven FNoL capturing form
    • Configured FNoL forms for multiple different LoB's with the capability to add a business, groups specific, and unique servicing needs questions.
    • Ability to add a questionnaire to any FNoL script for risk assessment or other needs.
    • Ability to configure rules to check the quality of data with a check, such as mandatory data.
    • Easy integration with PMS for policy identification and central claims system using powerful integration capabilities of Appian.
  • Enhanced UI/UX
    • Interactive FNOL claim list view & claim record dashboard.
    • Full visibility of each automated & any non-automated steps, bringing 100% transparency across different processes.

Appcino's Claims First Notification of Loss (FNoL) Impacts

  • Improves CX - Instantaneous notification to insurers through WhatsApp, email, thereby significantly enhancing customer experience.
  • Reduced Cost - Significantly cutting down admin efforts in claim verification, reducing high operational cost & time in registering claim successfully.
  • Reduced Time - Faster approval decisions on claims (approved/ declined) bringing improved customer experience.
  • Market competitiveness - Faster changes to FNOL data inputs with dynamic questionnaire, Smart bulk uploads and other rich out of the box configurations.

Appcino's Connected Claims Insurance Suite

Appcino's Connected Claims Operation Suite of apps offers a complete claims management solution built on Appian. The multiple applications part of this suite includes FNoL intake, adjudication & settlement (multiple LoBs), fraud case management (integration with existing specialized fraud systems), field inspection management, subrogation, litigation case management, and claim finances management (reserves, payment, recoveries). It also comes with multi-channel customer service and process mining apps helping insurers to monitor and improve their claims processes continuously.