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Intelligent Budgeting Framework

Budget Planning & Forecasting made Agile, Dynamic & Intelligent.

Financial planning platform to manage, plan & forecast organization-wide budgets.


As organizations are searching for an apt solution for simplifying their budgeting process, they understand that finding a solution catering their specific need is tough, as plenty of options are available in the app market. But, the competition with confusion has risen high as some lack agility to change, capability to integrate with core systems, aren’t updated with latest technologies or simply - not easy to use.

IBF (Intelligent Budgeting Framework) is a part of the Appcino’s Ops Suite enabling enterprise-wide automation on various operational aspects. It is an easy-to-use, intelligent and scalable budgeting and forecasting solution developed on Appian’s Low Code platform that not only meets but exceeds organization requirements and expectations.

  • Easy to setup and configure as per your needs and strategies.
  • Real time and accurate 360 views with all required information to the leadership.
  • Expedites decision-making by delivering financial intelligence.
  • Automates time consuming and error-prone tasks with advanced & powerful calculation engine.
  • Accurate budget plans using What-If analysis, and reliable forecasts faster than ever.

Targeted Market Challenges

  • Lengthy & time consuming process - With an easy and quick configuration engine, financial intelligence and automation capabilities, IBF reduces the time on data entry allowing leadership to focus on data analysis.
  • No data integrity - leading to inaccuracies - Unlike spreadsheets, IBF keeps all the information safe and secure in a centralized database that helps keeping a single source of truth across the planning cycle with complete traceability using audit logs.
  • Lack of enterprise-wide collaboration - Set up your organization in IBF with users, roles, projects or departments to let them contribute to your budget planning cycle.
  • Limited visibility and no transparency due to bureaucracy - IBF provides a real-time and user specific 360 view keeping all your stakeholders and contributors updated with the relevant and latest information.
  • Budgeting is based mostly on intuition and not completely data driven - IBF helps you draft the complete budget plan and further run various scenarios using ‘What-if analysis’ so you can do all required adjustments and make more accurate decisions.
  • No machine learning assistance - Built on a state-of-the-art Appian low code platform, IBF is highly scalable and integratable. It helps you to quickly create budget planning predictions using Amazon’s powerful machine learning algorithms.

Powerful & Scalable Configuration Engine

  • Configure users, roles, levels, departments & business units that fits your organization.
  • Set up the Chart of Accounts (Budget Categories) and allocate respective cost centers.
  • Dynamic Planning Cycles for each department, user role or project for budget planning and forecasting. Configure the workflows as per the organization’s financial strategies and collaborate with the departments increasing transparency, traceability and reducing time and errors.
  • Seamless integration with actuals either through import or directly integrating with your core systems.

Supporting Multiple Budgeting Methodologies

Choose the planning methodology that aligns with the organization's financial strategies and create budgets in your way.

  • Configure planning approach, define timeline and set budget frequency as per the organization strategy and capture budget information accordingly.
  • Down-Up Approach - With this industry standard approach, IBF allows department heads and project owners to contribute and propose budgets for their respective departments and collaborate in the budgeting process making sure everyone's input is accounted for.
  • Top-Down Approach - IBF understands the importance of the need of Top-Down approach as well where the Finance Heads and CXO’s have the capability to define the high level forecast which flows back into departments to detail it out.

Powerful Analytics & Intelligent Learning

IBF gives the key stakeholders an added advantage to monitor the entire planning process with visual workflows and provides full traceability and complete visibility to uncover the underlying trends and information.

  • The Finance team always has the history presented to them in a format they can easily understand and analyze, predicting the right future plan making sure any past mistakes are avoided.
  • Utilizing Amazon’s powerful machine learning algorithms, the application learns from past year expenses and revenue models of the organization to perform real time predictions and analysis to create more accurate and detailed budget plans and forecasts for the upcoming years, saving management time and cost while easing and improving the overall budgeting process.
  • With detailed and powerful insights over the budget plans and user specific 360 views and dashboard to show all the required and relevant information.

Planning Specific to Budget Category

  • IBF supports planning that is tailored to the budget category. It allows capture exactly what is needed for each budget category expenses or revenue to be reported and justified.
  • For example capturing travel related information while planning for Travel expenditure, Employee and CTC details while doing the workforce planning, etc.
  • Framework is scalable for you to define the dynamic data capture for each budget category.

Scenarios & “What-if '' Analysis

  • IBF understands that forecasting needs the power of running various scenarios and What if Analysis and therefore, it gives relevant stakeholders the capability to run, execute and analyze the overall impact of various scenarios on the overall budget.
  • Finance commands the budget and may execute various scenarios, leveraging the power of What-If analysis, on the drafted plan, to make the required adjustments and produce a more accurate and optimized forecasting before finalizing and publishing it.
  • All scenario executions are recorded for future tracking and reporting. IBF provides detailed and powerful reporting to compare multiple years and the capability to export multiple years of data.