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Process Mining & Improvements

Provides organizations with a fast & cost-effective way to identify the ideal processes on the basis of actual facts.

Process Discovery provides organisations a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to identify the ideal processes on the basis of actual facts and figures.

Overview of Process Mining & Improvements

Process Discovery can be defined as a set of tools and techniques that are used to define, map and analyze the processes of an organization. In a typical enterprise, processes that were initially well defined.

Business Process Discovery and Improvement framework analyse the data and transforms them into a diagnostic view for the process experts. All the time consuming and redundant tasks can be identified and improved in the version controlled manner.

Process Improvement & Discovery is one of the many applications offered as part of Appcino's Insurance Claims Management Suite. Each of the provided applications can be deployed independently or in combination with other applications as per the requirements & use cases.

The application is generic & can be factored in across verticals for different business processes & milestones.

With detailed process insights & discovery - insurers can now easily track the amount being spent on claims operations & settlement process, therefore helping them to cut down any cost where possible

Targeted Market Challenges

  • Lack of ways to identify improvement areas - Each business process executes in a specific way involving one of many stakeholders. It's a pain to identify the areas not performing up to the expectations (benchmarks).
    With insurers struggling to reduce the overall combined ratio every financial year - it is almost unknown which process of claim operations & settlement is taking the most of time and investment, resulting in higher spending over earnings over premiums.
  • Lack of ways to measure improvement - With each improvement effort, it's essential to understand the value from the business process improvement cycle. The missing facts and statistics lead to changes by intuition, which many times leads to insignificant or least improvement.
  • Missing conformance checks - To stay compliant, it's essential to see the gap between an as-is compliance business process v/s executed processes data.

Key Features

  • Generic Architecture & Configurations
    • The application is generic and works across verticals for different business processes.
    • Define the as-is flow of the business process, along with various milestones and other attributes like cost, ideal time, deadline, etc.
  • Process Discovery
    • See the different execution version of business processes with statistics.
    • Conformance test to see the difference between as-is and executed business processes
  • Process Monitoring
    • Business process execution analytics. Get to the bottom of each bottleneck.
    • See the deviations from the benchmarks.
    • Predict the request completion time based on the historical data, worker's availability, allocation, etc.
  • Process Improvement
    • Run the improvement cycle and see the differences by comparing multiple versions.
    • Record the reason for the change in the business processes.

Appcino's Process Mining & Improvements Impacts

  • Reduced Manual Efforts - Process Discovery reduces the manual effort needed for large-scale process identification and mapping all the possible process variations and exceptions.
  • Reduced Time & Cost - All time consuming processes can be identified and improved in a version-controlled manner therefore, saving both time and costs.
  • Improved Customer Experience - Personalised claim adjuster dashboard to enable them to get on the claims immediately as they are assigned, resulting in faster turnaround time & increasing customer experience.
  • Market competitiveness - You're able to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your business processes using Business Improvement & Discovery app which in turn gives you a competitive advantage over the market.

Appcino's Connected Claims Insurance Suite

Appcino's Connected Claims Operation Suite of apps offers a complete claims management solution built on Appian. The multiple applications part of this suite includes FNoL intake, adjudication & settlement (multiple LoBs), fraud case management (integration with existing specialized fraud systems), field inspection management, subrogation, litigation case management, and claim finances management (reserves, payment, recoveries). It also comes with multi-channel customer service and process mining apps helping insurers to monitor and improve their claims processes continuously.