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Smart Facility Management

To deliver seamlessly vital facility services, creating a high-quality experience for customers & facility team.

All-in-one app to deliver end-to-end facility management optimizing service quality by aligning work orders, resources, assets, customer sites together in an optimized way & thereby creating a high-quality customer experience.

Overview of Smart Facility Management

Facility management is a discipline, which supports organizations to maintain their facilities to help organizations focus on their core business.

Managing facilities can be an overhead task which can lead to human errors and thus spoiling your customer experience.

The application facilitates any organization looking for seamless delivery of facility services. The app offers smart & intelligent scheduling, seamless work orders management, enabling real-time visibility into inspections, decreasing resolution time & improving customer satisfaction by responding faster even before an issue occurs.

Targeted Market Challenges

  • Siloed Scheduling - Disconnected & legacy systems prevent facility managers from ensuring where technicians are, where they need to be & when they need to be there.
  • Zero or little control over assets - With multiple assets installed on various sites of the organization, it becomes difficult to know which assets are located where, which needs immediate attention or replacement, thereby causing issues resulting in poor customer experience.
  • Poor Technician Enablement - Without mobile capabilities, technicians can't adequately respond to emergencies or job status changes. Back office users & on-field agents are not on the same page & have no visibility on real-time field activities status.
  • Lack of Proactive Response - Organizations react on issues when customers report the problems and then try to onboard the right resources, which, based on the complexity of the issues, can further delay the fix, thereby severely impacting the customer experience.
  • Limited Technology Benefits - A lack of proper tools & technology causes inefficiencies & leads to reactive, break-fix business models. It eventually becomes difficult for an organization to stay ahead of the competition as they need to wait for weeks or months to roll out changes faster due to a lack of flexible & agile systems.

Key Features

  • Location-Based Asset Tagging - Facility managers, operations team, field technicians can mark the known assets on floor plans, tag them against a room, common area, parking space, or any other location in an easy-to-use way enabling documentation and faster access to your assets.
  • Powerful Scheduling - Allow your scheduling team to schedule work orders based on the customer-preferred technician, closest proximity to the customer site, technician skills, self-optimization capabilities for every technician, and more.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Take control of your floors, assets, facility with full visibility on each work order performed as part of each maintenance plan. Keep an eye on the performance indicators and a lot more through a holistic maintenance view.
  • Seamless IoT Integration - Configure the alerts for the different assets and let the system generate alerts for you to focus on the areas promptly, which needs immediate attention before it gets too late.
  • Outsourced Partners Sites Management - Managing a few of all sites or outsourced them to any external partners - chose to have the entire application configured for those, without worrying to see any information related to other sites you or partners are not managing.
  • Dedicated Mobile App for Technician - The application comes with mobile-friendly work order management enabling field technicians to see their daily appointments right at the start of the day.

Appcino's Smart Facility Management Impacts

  • Increased asset ROI - Increased asset ROI & improved efficiency, thorough preventive maintenance program.
  • Better Operational Cost Planning - Automatically scheduling the best resource for the job and optimizing travel time allows us to fit in more appointments per day, thereby reducing operational costs.
  • Improved Customer Experience - Reducing downtime with IoT and AI-driven predictive services helps us detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues before customers are affected.
  • Informed Capital Planning Decisions - Direct informed decisions to facility managers, service providers, and other relevant stakeholders to act straight on required areas through in-built contextual system intelligence.