Appcino May 30, 2019

Are your customers getting the right response?

Having problems managing customer queries?  

Are your customers satisfied with the support they get from you?


Do they have to wait for a long time before your support has a response for them?

The customers have given you their data and they expect you to use it. Make your business customer-centric and make a customer for life.


Using Appcino’s Service 360, enable the fast transition to omnichannel services while providing operational efficiency. Provide your agents a 360° view for customer interaction. Give your support team the power to adapt, improvise and overcome. Equip them with the power of artificial intelligence, smart actions, knowledge base, real-time updates and provide them a platform to solve customer queries more effectively. Give them the ability to drill down to a granular level of detail. Attractive customer service is the holy grail for business.


What is 360° View?

In layman terms, a  360° view is an approach that allows you to have access to all the relevant information at one place, to display the end to end journey of a case and in strategic terms to combine the hard (reason for call, SMS, tweet) and the soft (sentimental mood) data that captures with each interaction.



Combining the hard and soft data gives you the true “360°  View of Case”.


Benefits of 360°  View 

Think of it as a cognizable view, when you look inside you can see the past, the present, and the future with the customer over a case.



Convert the data into actionable insights and equip your agent with the power to deliver the right service at the right time with a complete 360° view.


Other Key Features

  • Omni Channel Support:  Equip your customer to contact you from anywhere. Be it chat, call or social.
  • Entity Recognizer: Auto extract the account, contact, product details from the customer problem and save the agent’s time.
  • Knowledge Base: Search for information from article, QnA, and solution for any problem and increase the workforce collaboration.
  • Smart Action: Guide agents with the best possible action(Smart Action!) suggested dynamically based on customer problems and decrease the manual involvement of an agent.
  • Speech To Text: Equip agents with speech to text power and save time by eliminating manual typing.

And many more…

For further details on Appcino’s Service 360, please contact us.