Appcino Ready to Use Solution Acceleration
Appcino May 6, 2020

Get Value the Day One Using Appcino’s Ready to Use Solutions

We at Appcino believe that buying ready to use accelerators & solutions with the right architecture & design works out cheaper and faster even though the implementation in Appian is lightning fast. At Appcino, we build solutions with the mission to help you achieve your goals and turn IT into a profit center and not a cost center.

Usually, with rapid custom development, the application architecture is often undermined, resulting in poor performance, rigid design, high cost of maintenance, and many more. Therefore, increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Appcino, with our strong expertise on Appian, brings the pre-built enterprise solutions and accelerators. Our extensive range of vertical solutions focuses on solving real business problems. The robust design and flexible architecture allow easy modifications with high scalability and performance.

We help nearly 100% of the companies across different verticals accelerate on their path of digital transformation on day one without worrying about anything.

Each of our solutions & accelerators offers:

  • Stellar User experience to engage your internal users & customers across continuous emerging channels
  • Data models that simplify integration to your existing Appian & other systems, bringing data sitting in silos across multiple applications on a single unified modern solution
  • Customizable business rules & AI to make the right decisions AND
  • End-to-end automation that combines the power of case management, BPM, RPA & lot more!

All of these are available in a single-package and readily usable with simple installation & configurations.

Our solutions are modular & stand-alone, enabling simultaneous & multiple uses across your different business processes. Each of our apps comes for both on-cloud & on-premise environments, verified & passed by Appian health checks.

It takes just 30 mins to see the benefit of Appcino’s solutions in your use case. Contact us today for your needs.

Please find below the list of ready to use solutions available for demo and trial.