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Know your users and your application’s usage MORE on Appian (Proactive Monitoring)

Struggling to get answers to such questions on day to day basis regarding usage of your app as a business user?

  • What exactly the users are doing into the system, which actions, screens, etc are they navigating to for their daily tasks?
  • When did my support executive of the app login into the system today?
  • What actions do they take after going through the landing of my application(s)?
  • Which tasks and reports across applications are the most common and used ones so that I can take the required business decisions on them.
  • Which of my application(s) are more used and how is a business using the same?
  • Do you want to analyze the behaviour of users of applications?

And similarly lot more…


The answer to all of these questions is “Powerful Analytics offered out of the box by Appcino User Audit Application” – Award-Winning Application in Appian AppMarket 2018.Award winning Application

This application is missioned to act as a one-stop-shop for any of the Appian business user who wants to know “who”, “how”, “what”, etc., was actioned upon on your pool of application(s). The app is objected to answering the most common questions, but yet rarely answered.


User activity audit application appian-img-1

User Audit Application Analytics provides you with a variety of reports with so many categories under with like:

  • User Login
  • Record Usage
  • Site Usage
  • Action/Related Actions
  • Governance and Compliance
  • User Analytics
  • Tasks Usage

And many more….


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The Analytics engine provides a framework for Business Activity Monitoring (B.A.M.) to feed in the vital data to the B.A.M. module enabling creating business-critical reports and dashboards to take necessary decisions or actions.


Why we are saying these reports as powerful analytics?

As stated above, these reports give the insight knowledge of the user actions with multiple features like –

  • You can set global filters that will be applied to all the reports.
  • You can set local filters that will be applied to the specific report
  • You can view multiple reports at a time.
  • These analytics gives you the ability to identify the exact behaviour of users for the applications and its sites and records, and ensure you aren’t wasting time or resources on tools that aren’t effective and useful.


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Do you want to know who is visiting your Site, Record, Action, Related Action?

Have you checked about the specific actions of specific users like what site they have gone through?

User Audit Application Analytics simply record the number of triggers for an application and its site, record, actions/Related Actions. This metric helps you to pinpoint what are the most used application, site, records, actions and many more. These analytics helps you remove the trash and keep the environment clean.






When you learn how to analyze and understand the behaviour of its visitors, you’ll identify the strength and weakness of the systems. This forms a strong feedback mechanism cycle automatically as you know which users are using what parts of the applications the most, and you know the targetted audience whom you might want to reach to for appropriate feedback’s.
This way you ensure the success of your application(s) across your team and your customers!

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