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Employee Clinical Governance & Compliance

Important Facts

  • Solution: Employee Clinical Governance Application
  • Customer: Confidential
  • Category: Healthcare
  • Engagement Model: Strategic
  • Technology Cloud: Appian v 18.1, Booking Bug, SQL Server 2016

Business Challenges/Need

  • Healthcare provider aims to provide a single modern unified platform that acts as an end to end employee clinical governance system and referral management system with the objective of getting away with multiple legacy disconnected system.

  • To be able to create a technically architectural sound an highly scalable solution considering 200,000+ referrals logged per year and 10 million+ historic referrals to be imported on the new system.

  • To be able initiate referral process across multiple services healthcare provider offers to customers and close referral as soon as possible with each steps of the referral lifecycle driven by dynamic business rules.

  • Aim to replace lot of paper work with digital transformation powered by intelligent platform.

  • Aim to achiever consistent and sustained communication by offering streamlined and consistent services to each employee regardless of the nature, when and who is processing the referral.

Appcino’s Solution

  • From Scope & Planning, Solution design and architecture to go live and warranty support, Appcino worked directly with the project stakeholders to deliver the project successfully.

  • Built highly robust and scalable solution using extensive use of Appian and Database which have brought different medical services and service lines on single platform with user friendly and intuitive interfaces.

  • Created efficient Data Migration processes / modules to migrate about 1000 Terabytes of data from their existing legacy system to Appian.

  • Completely streamlined the processes with defined workflows and user roles security - therefore keeping all the referrals information across all medical services at single platform.

  • Created highly intelligent and complex bulk uploads that allows the user to initiate and log new referrals for all services across all customers at one shot, instead of logging those individually.

  • A dedicated administration console to quickly configure all services, customers data, agreements & user accounts

  • Integrations with Booking Bug – scheduling platform to manage complete booking services with practitioner.

Business Impact

  • Reduced deployed Human resource cost involved carrying out the services increasing efficiency of operational staff and practitioners.

  • Redefined customer satisfaction by offering powerful tool to the workforce and practitioners.

  • Reduced chances of error in effectively processing of referrals.

  • Eliminated Depletion in invoice leakage completely.

  • Developed cost effective service delivery and dealt the customers with more valuable approach.