Saved 1000+ staff-hours/month with 50% of the case resolution automatic through auto-decision framework.

Saved 1000+ staff-hours/month with Auto-Case Resolution

Impact & Solution Resolution of 2000 customer queries, feedback or problems every month each month coming from different channels (website, … Continue reading “Saved 1000+ staff-hours/month with Auto-Case Resolution”

200% faster digital dispute resolution

200% Faster Digital Dispute Resolution with Customer Portal

Impact & Solution A Bi-lingual system where citizens are allowed to register claims or appeal applications for reconsideration. All requests … Continue reading “200% Faster Digital Dispute Resolution with Customer Portal”


330% Faster Onboarding & Better Customer Experience

Impact & Solution Omni-Channel on-boarding with a significant reduction in TAT. A single unified interface for back office with integrations … Continue reading “330% Faster Onboarding & Better Customer Experience”