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Customer Service 360 °2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

The customer journey begins - and sometimes ends - with the services provided by any organization. Today’s customers don’t just expect excellent services, but they demand it. In order to give such class of user experience, every sector needs a consolidated modern platform to manage and solve all the customer queries at one place.

Technology Stack Appian SQL Server AWS PubNub


The race to own customer experience is on! Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering a user experience that makes them stand out from their competition. If there is one distinction to be made between companies who have loyal customers and those who struggle to retain customers, it would be the speed of customer service. Today’s customers don’t just expect excellent services, but they demand it. To offer such a user experience, one needs a modern consolidated platform to manage and solve all the customer queries at one place.
Customer Service 360 is one such platform which provides omnichannel support for customer queries from different channels like email, website, twitter, facebook, and phone calls. The app is missioned to have the majority of cases resolved automatically with zero agent interaction, 30% of cases through faster solutions recommendations by the system, and thus letting agents working on more complex problems. The app continuously learns and improve itself to serve more using AI driven Insights and automate resolutions, thereby freeing up agents for high-value interactions.

Configurations Dashboard

The customer service 360 app put forward a configuration dashboard which is very helpful for the agents to configure -

  • Auto Assignment - Business rules for the assignment of customer problems to the respective groups on the basis of the conditions specified.

  • Auto Reply - Business rules to auto-reply customer incidents based on the rule definition.

  • SLA & Entitlement - Defines a contract between a service provider and its customers that documents what services providers will furnish and how long.

  • Manage Template - Multiple emails, social media, SMS templates can be configured here under different template types. The template body can consist of various merge fields which will dynamically change to their dynamic values provided at runtime.

  • Manage Workflow - Define workflows to cut down repetitive multiple steps with easy to configure actions. Workflow supports activities like reading, write, update, communication, and set property.

Case 360 Dashboard

A rich case dashboard where the agent has 100% visibility about all the previous activities happened in that case -

  • Agents can quickly solve the customer query by sending the recommended solutions from the knowledge base via email/social.

  • With the help of quick to use smart action recommendations section, agents can also act on the customer problem smartly and can go ahead and solve the customer problem in a click.

  • This dashboard also enables agents to communicate internally through notes wherein the agents also have the functionality of speech-to-text.

  • For the on-field service requests, customer service agents can create work orders for the field service agents so that services are provided on time and in a methodological way.

  • This dashboard also has a custom component named entity recognizer that automatically extracts the products, contact and account details, any date range, and many more from the contents of the customer problem which in turn saves the agents time to map the fields manually.

  • Agents can have a 360 view of all the conversations corresponding to a case.

Real-Time Dashboard

  • Truly quoted - “Old data is a mission killer.”
    If timely information is the lifeblood of a business, outdated data can cause real harm to an organization. With this perspective, the app provides real-time view - LIVE! For the managers to monitor the stream of sequential activities happening on the customer problems and other useful insights.

  • This dashboard comprises of lots of useful KPIs in the form of statistical numbers and charts which depicts the service agent performance.

  • Whenever any new customer query is logged into the system, then without hampering the current view of the agent, there is a pop-up notification on feeding sections which displays the count of newly logged queries. The agent can view these recently logged queries in blue color by clicking on the card that displays the count.

  • Based on the status of customer query, the progress bar changes in real time and whenever the status is closed, then the feed card color changes to green and the progress bar hides automatically.

  • This is One Stop Dashboard for agents to reply to any customer query

  • Top 3 smart actions are displayed on every feed which helps the agent to take quick action on the customer query.

Powerful Analytics

Another essential feature is analytics, which is applied to data to describe, predict, and improve business performance. These powerful analytics lend a helping hand to the managers to have foresight about the targeted data points and channels in an organization.

  • Call Centre Representative Efficiency - Provides the analytics of the Call Centre. Agents can filter either through the global filters provided with cards or using the local filters of each chart.

  • Help Desk Cases - Overview of case distribution, count of accounts (noisy customers) with different charts and filters.

  • Customer 360° -Insight of all the case details corresponding to an account.

  • Social Interaction -Insight through analytics to all the social interaction done.

Knowledge Base Dashboard

Agents can read/search any of the Article, QnA or Solution for any of the problems. With the help of the Knowledgebase (treasure of information), agents gained an effective way to resolve customer queries. Users can view the content based on the security rights (Viewer, Editor and Administrator).
Agents can create the following types of content in this application

  • Articles –Create articles with knowledge base articles block editor, allowing you to create multiple types of structures. Add Q&A’s to the article.

  • Q & A –Create questions and answers associated with the subject of the article within the subject.

  • Solutions – Solutions are the category of a knowledge base where the business or customer agents can add known solutions to an existing problem. These solutions help a customer agent to solve a similar incident with a single click through the knowledge base solution widget.