Appcino September 08, 2021

Discover how implementing a continuous improvement cycle can get a huge bang for your buck.

It is widely accepted that Appian investment ensures high returns in terms of maximizing the resources and expediting the business deliveries. In fact, several leading global organizations, such as yours, actively deploy Appian applications for superior customer experience and operational excellence. However, developing a great application that enhances productivity, revenues, and output is often only the first step toward success. Continuous enhancements and improvements are the only way to stay a step ahead of the market and strive for perfection. A good Appian implementation, without a doubt, is often a strong first step toward success. But is it really enough?
Most organizations leverage widely accepted solutions and processes at the risk of becoming complacent and believing that their operations are standardized and performing optimally. Surprisingly, that is not nearly enough. About 90% of activities are based on “standards” that are anything but mediocrely productive. Without rigorous “reference-grade” operations and measurement, process efficiency and worker productivity can vary by 100 percent to 700 percent—for the same activities.
But, we have a solution to this challenge!

In this ever-evolving competitive landscape, Continuous improvement is the only way to stay a step ahead of the market and strive for perfection. This is where we have helped customers implement the Continuous Improvement Cycle or “perfection cycle” as we like to call it.

So, if you are one of those who want the best on their investments, this is a more significant opportunity than you may realize.

With Appcino’s strong Appian footprint over the past 8+ years, Appcino has successfully delivered business apps built on Appian, enabling accelerated digital transformation. But how do we help decide the next improvement cycle in “your”business process? With the robust, accurate, and natural method of continuously monitoring processes and directly contributing to cost reduction, performance management, and business analytics, our app continuously provides analytics-driven insights on areas that can be enhanced or tweaked to achieve premium quality standards. Think of how that will impact things like reliability, proactive maintenance, and customer experience. Today’s apps will need to evolve and improve as your automation journey continues to match your business growth. We help you scale your apps
continuously with our Continuous Improvement Cycle.
If you need help identifying the process bottlenecks and understand how continuous improvements can enhance
your Appian application outcomes, Appcino’s experts are here for you.
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