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January 20, 2019

5 Key Challenges for Businesses as They Head for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become necessary for businesses transition- with significant security measures. Businesses have challenges in digital transformation. They want a trusted partner who can make sure the safety of their security-related concerns.

We are embracing modern technology which is promising and advanced, but there is always an implication that it might go wrong because of somebody’s error or mistake and unthinkable consequences.
Today, businesses consideration is not only protecting the network but also protecting the data or can say both have become their priority.

Here are the most common five challenges businesses face while having the business transition need and how Appcino counters them.

  • Data
  • Technology
  • Compliances
  • Resources
  • Threats


Huge data is produced at an exponential growth rate. As it is growing the challenge for its storage space is increasing. Additionally, the security of the data must be required. For example, users can access data through mobile devices, among other things. Now the data security has become a complexity due to the innovation of technology and its access.

Level of Access or Segmentation: Level of access allow businesses to determine the accessibility of data at certain levels as per their requirements- this control the process and secure the data more.


As time is moving ahead changing technology such as cloud services, among other things are coming. Here’s another challenge of using multiple products from different providers- creates complexities.

Now, Appcino suggests that businesses should use modern and universal technologies such as Salesforce, Appian, Outsystem, AWS, and others which give an opportunity of consolidation of products from different service providers or vendors, These modern technologies have timely updates and innovation with higher scalability, saves the cost of the businesses and implementing the cybersecurity measures.


Now, systems are being adapted for small and large organizations to report and escalate any instance of security breaches to the relevant authorities. As we know, the European Union has introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect the privacy of EU members- requires businesses to report data breaches within 72 hours, if it happens. In the past, there were numerous cases of data breaches, so GDPR was introduced. Now, it helps in exposing data breaches within a short period.


Required expertise and skill sets are missing in the potential candidates. Companies moving forward with their digital transformation are facing a tough time in getting relevant expertise.


Hacking and theft of data is always a big concern. As technology is moving forward, the risk is growing simultaneously. While having the digital transformation, companies need to be very much careful while choosing the digital transformation partners.
Companies need to go with certified partners, have intellectual safety guards with digital transformation partners like Appcino has one of its specialties of services, choose the platforms which have competence in network and data security and capable enough to save your data online.

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