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Appian Professional Services

Appcino provides a complete range of professional services for your Appian needs. All of our services are custom designed as per requirements and best practices of the Appian platform. We continuously evolve our services based on our learnings from implementing 150+ successful implementations over the last 7+ years.

We have a team of 105+ Appian specialists with excellent experience in implementing small implementations to large complex applications.

Our team has expertise across multiple domains - financial services, banking, healthcare, transportation, insurance, education, etc.

Our working methodology focuses on continuous improvement and puts significant emphasis on the usage of accelerators and ready to use intellectual capital to cut down the time to deliver a solution.

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Understanding business pains & bottlenecks, process engineering, re-engineering workshops, evaluate the "as-is" process and transform them into the "to-be" process.

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Architectural principle, functional and technical design, high-level process design architecture, non-functional design, etc.

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Trained, certified, and competent team to manage & develop any Appian application of varying complexity across verticals.


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Automation testing, functional and non-functional testing, load testing customized for Appian execution.

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L1, L2 & L3 support, incident management, root cause analysis, data-driven support, multiple support plan offerings.

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Appian installation and configuration, maintenance including upgrade and migrations, infrastructure load balancing, and disaster recovery setup.

Why Choose Appcino for Your Appian Needs?
Appian Expertise

Appcino has experience in delivering 150+ Appian implementations, all 100% successful. Our Appian services portfolio offers end to end Appian implementation services including infrastructure setup, support & maintenance.

Accelerated Development

Turbocharge your development speed with use of Appcino's ready to use and awarded Appian accelerators & solutions. Our generic accelerators are useful for any application on the Appian platform.

High Value, High Satisfaction & Cost Competitive

Trained and competent team to manage & develop any Appian application of varying complexity across business verticals. Appian’s health check-up and Appcino’s internal best practices are an integral part of our development practices which render us to deliver bug-free products & services.

Our offshore development center is in India and therefore, cost-competitive.

Data Privacy & Protection

Appcino is ISO 27001 compliant and we follow the best in class information security practices.

Flexible Working Models

Our different flexible resourcing model enables our customers & partners to enjoy potential cost savings while having access to a wider variety of skills.

Ready to Use Applications
2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

Digitally transform the way customer service requests are addressed by optimizing the best use of your field service agents, ensuring the customer request is resolved satisfactorily at first attempt and cut down the additional ... Read More

2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

Digital centralized repository of knowledge contained across multiple subjects stored in an easily accessible way. Appcino’s well structured modern Knowledge Base Application will have an immediate impact on the productivity of business users... Read More

AppMarket 2019 Award - Component

Support for charts types - Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, Combo, TreeMap, Sankey, Candlestick, Bubble, Pie and Word Tree. This Component Plug-in provides the capability to display interactive charts in Appian using Google Charts. It offers support for the following charts...Read More


One of the top 5 finalists in AW2019 Hackathon

This application enables organizations to screen all their dealings against multiple sanction lists and integrates with Google's search engine to screen against adverse media to check for corruption, anti-money laundering and terrorism... Read More

2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

CRM Sales application enables organizations to intelligently manage the entire sales cycle from lead generation to winning opportunities. It helps them configure their sales processes according to the business needs and seamlessly allows to manage all the business contacts...Read More

2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

CRM Marketing application aims to help organizations to market better and engage with more customers through various marketing activities like campaigns and social media interactions while automating tasks, lead generation and assigning scores to business contacts on basis of their interaction...Read More

Turbocharge your development speed with use of Appcino's ready to use and awarded Appian accelerators & solutions. Our generic accelerators are useful for any application on the Appian platform.



Accelerators - Common Questions & Answers (FAQ's)

Using accelerators, you can reduce the time required to develop an application/ functionality, and it's not just the time. You get a piece of functionality tested (no bugs) and easy to integrate with any Appian implementation.

You can anytime customize the code of accelerators to adjust and configure according to your specific needs.

We have a flexible model to sell the accelerators, the two most common models are -

Model 1: You can purchase the accelerator as a standalone application by paying a single time license fee.

Model 2: You can purchase accelerator and Appcino's professional services. In this model, Appcino offers a discount on accelerator pricing based on the professional services agreement.

Please contact us to know more about accelerator pricing.

When we release a new upgrade, based on your agreement with Appcino, we may offer you upgrade free of cost, or at a price agreed during the purchase.

You can submit a request for trial. We will evaluate and come back to you.