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Six Reasons to Choose Appcino

Why Appcino's Appian Professional Services?

Appian Expertise

Appcino is Appian's Trusted & Elite Solution partner, established in the year 2013 with almost seven years of experience in delivering Appian Applications.

Extensive Experience
  • 260+ Applications delivered across multiple geographies ranging from simple small applications to large complex applications.

  • A team of 120+ Appian consultants with expertise in all areas of Appian application development.

  • Multiple vertical exposure - implemented Appian solutions in banking, financial services, health care, insurance, e-governance, etc.

  • We have vast experience of working in offshore and hybrid models. Our team is proficient in agile and waterfall software development methods.

100% Success
  • A history of delivering all applications successfully and on-time.

  • All the customer's and partner's of Appcino are referenceable with repeat business.

  • Appcino values every customer and accepts them as our partners in success. Our firm belief is that our success is dependent on the level of success of our customers. This principle has always guided us to perform our services in the best possible manner.

  • Frequently complimented by our customers and partners for their high Return on Investment (ROI)

Services Portfolio
  • The complete portfolio of professional services for an end to end Appian implementation, including infrastructure setup, design, development, and support.

  • Center of Excellence to continually learn and improve Appcino's services offerings and implementation.

  • Strong focus on DevOps practices in Appian.

  • A team with several complementary offerings like RPA, Database (SQL Server, My SQL), Amazon Services, Google Cloud Services, etc.

Appcino’s Investments Giving You a Head Start

Appcino's thrive to solve complex problems through innovation followed by sincere efforts and investments has placed it as a leader in innovation on the Appian App Market. Our investments ensure a head start to your digital transformation programs, achieving ROI targets much quicker and mitigating the risk of delay and failure. These investments can be categorized in three areas.


Appcino has a dedicated team that is working on building accelerators, frameworks and solutions with aim to solve complex business problems. Appcino has the maximum awards when it comes to Appian App Market innovations - more than any other partner. In addition to awards and recognitions, these innovations can also be validated through numerous customer success stories.

Center of Excellence

Investment in building the COE that ensures your projects are executed as per best practices, latest industry standards, have a seamless user experience and are built for scale and mission criticality.

Nurturing Team

Appcino invests in nurturing people making them significant contributors on every aspect of the project - Not just Appcino team, but your project stakeholders as well.

Accelerated Mindset

Appcino's working methodology focuses on continuous improvement and puts significant emphasis on the usage of accelerators and ready to use intellectual capital to cut down the time to deliver a solution. Our consultants with access to Appcino's repository have the mindset to look for closely matching accelerators and use them in your applications to cut the development time and reduce testing efforts.

  • Maximum awards by AppMarket to any Partner

  • Best Application award for the last 3 consecutive years

  • Highest downloaded SDKs after Appian

  • 7 out of 14 featured apps on AppMarket are by Appcino

Appcino’s Cost Guarantee
  • Appcino’s investments, office location & working models give us a cost-competitive advantage, saving direct & indirect costs, without compromising on the quality and timely delivery.

  • Appcino’s investments in building accelerators & solutions, setting up COE for you, helps you in getting a head start for your digital transformation programs saving you both time and cost. Appcino also invests in allocating a Customer Success Manager who focuses on your wider objectives & strategies, helping you be confident on a 100% successful implementation - for no additional cost to you.

  • Such investments combined with established success history through remote delivery models yield exceptional results and make sure you are getting quality and timely delivery at reduced cost.

No Cost Customer Success Manager to Guarantee success

To ensure a 100% successful end to end implementation, Appcino allocates a Customer Success Manager (or CSM) to its customers, ensuring their digital transformation objectives are met successfully.

A Customer Success Manager is your representative, understanding your business needs and pain areas, and ensures complete synergy between your needs and the implementation proposal and thereby helps you in seamlessly achieving your digital transformation objectives.

Below are some key impacts that CSM creates

  • Increased project adoption

  • Decreased maintenance costs and increased solution agility

  • Foresight in planning resulting in scalable solution

  • Non-functional adherence

  • Modern UI/UX

  • Built for performance & scale

Appcino appoints only senior leadership for such an important and crucial role. A CSM at Appcino has at least a decade of experience in the digital transformation industry and has been part of 50+ end-to-end implementations on Appian. With extensive program management experience and deep technical background, they are able to clearly understand the business needs and the complexity of the problems. They are very empathetic to you and have problem solving attitude. They are always involved, and add value to each stage in the project lifecycle starting from planning stage to go-live.

In the nutshell Appcino’s Customer Success Manager -

  • Working towards your goals

  • Has vision of your overall objectives

  • Is your representative at Appcino

  • Visualizes and mitigates risk

  • Ensures your expectations and ROI targets are met

  • Guarantee 100% Success

  • At no additional cost!

Flexibility & Agility

Right partner will always be flexible in helping you achieve success targets more quickly! At Appcino, we understand that Flexibility is an important aspect that customers expect from us.

Appcino offers flexibility in staffing, engagement and operational models along with an innovative development approach.

Start Small & Scale More

Start small, and scale more as you go along with us, creating more trust and value in the business model.

Resource-Based Model

Accelerate your Appian implementation by adding resources based on required competencies on-demand.

Strategic-Based Model

We take the full ownership of end-to-end Appian implementation, as we work closely to lay down the strategic roadmap, discuss & agree on the best path to move forward in a win-win situation.

We are flexible enough to cater to your resourcing needs, for more discussion please feel free to contact us!

Proven Delivery Model

Appcino has almost a decade of experience delivering successfully with remote working models. A 100% customer success rate and numerous success stories testifies the wisdom and expertise in our delivery model.

At the same time, we are extremely serious about the data privacy and information security practices. Appcino has a proven strategy for building data privacy & protection compliant solutions and workforce.

Data Protection by Design

Considering the privacy and data protection issues at the design phase of any system, service, product or process and then throughout the life cycle.

Awareness & Policies

Developing a Culture of Awareness Regarding the Importance of PII and the Consequences of Not Properly Handling the Personal and Sensitive Data.

Organization Compliance

Appcino is ISO 27001 Compliance and We Follow the Best In Class Information Security Practices.