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Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening (SAM)Selected as one of the top 5 finalists in Appian World Hackathon 2019

Screen against sanction lists issued by governments and against adverse media using Google search engine.


The Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening (SAM) application enables organizations to screen all their dealings against multiple sanction lists and integrates with Google's search engine to screen against adverse media to check for corruption, anti-money laundering and terrorism. This helps to make sure that organizations comply against Sanctions lists therefore reducing business risks, avoiding fines and representational damage.

Managing Consolidated Sanctions List

As governments update the Sanctions lists on a regular basis, SAM’s RPA Bot (using UiPath) goes to the various sanctions lists around the globe (US OFAC, Australia DFAT, etc.) on a daily basis and extract all the incremental updates from the lists and maintains a consolidated database of Sanctions in a unified format. Presents the global sanctions list on a world map and allows you to filter and search through the information. It alerts the investigation team to investigate any potential risks therefore mitigating risks and improving overall risk management capabilities.

Screening Configurations

Configuring Adverse Media Categories : Organizations can choose which adverse media categories to screen through and even define the associated keywords per category (Example a Bank might want to screen for news on Anti Money Laundering).

Setting up your Risk Tolerance

Allows you to configure what fuzzy match score should raise flag for an entity to your investigation team. Maintain or Import your own Blacklist to include in screening

Dynamic Case Management

Define multi level investigation team to take care of any flagged entities. Setup Barred Country List to flag entities based on the country.

Screening Engine

Screening Engine uses powerful fuzzy text match algorithms to match entity details against all the consolidated sanctions list and run time generates a matching score. If the matching score is more than organization's risk tolerance it automatically hits the relevant levels of the investigation team.

Using powerful Appian integration capabilities screening engine integrates with Google Search engine to extract adverse news and media for the entity under screening. Any potential adverse media results again generates task for the investigation team.