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User Activity Audit2019 Appian AppMarket Award Winner

Mission & Vision To provide complete 4 visibility of a user's action with controls to 4 report as well as prevent suspicious...

Technology Stack Appian SQL Server

User Activity Audit Application

Mission & Vision To provide complete visibility of a user’s action with controls to report as well as prevent suspicious activities. The User Activity Audit app offers the logs of a user’s activity in the Appian environment with comprehensive analytics, proactive monitoring, and notifications. The audit feature is designed to meet the auditing, compliance, security, and governance policies of companies implementing Applications on the Appian platform.
Business Use Case Supports an organization’s Data Protection and Compliance Program by providing an audit for a range of user activities as they work with applications built on the Appian platform Provides answers to how different business users, stakeholders are using the various applications and offers insights to most commonly asked business questions. The application enables the development of data privacy assessment program, the design of operational controls and data protection safeguards. Provides easy to integrate API’s for exporting data to log discovery tools and enterprise logging applications (for pattern determination etc.)

What makes the app unique? The app provides answers to common yet rarely answered questions that drive critical business decisions. No such app is available on Appian AppMarket. The app provides clear visibility of user’s activity with comprehensive analytics, proactive monitoring, and notifications. The app will be of great interest to customers across all business verticals.
Answers Key Questions Detailed activities of every user on the system User Login Behavior & Work Pattern Percentage of users who access the system from the web and a mobile device Maximum activity on the system by day/week User logins by geographical locations Most accessed records across applications Most accessed sites, site pages Most used applications by users including which sites, records, reports, tasks, actions Top downloaded files Alerts for any Administrative activity from a non-corporate IP and configuring alerts Compliance Activities – Password Resets, Successful vs Failed logins and many more…